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BBS Inc was born in 1998 to host a politics free vendor and customer user forum

Check out our concept in the site content for free. Consider an active or passive club membership for 1 $ USD a day.

Welcome to our volunteer community Read Me 1st page

Many thanks to:

  • Daily production operators, supervisors and finishing people
  • Maintenance and field service techs
  • Engineering research, assembly, installation and start-up experts
  • Logistic staff
  • Club administrators, editors and librarians
  • Interns, minions and shadow people

Education, career changes, family member support, healthcare and partnerships matter to us very much.
A-players stay often a short time. B-players build long lasting foundations.
We have a lot of B-D players. Sometimes even E-Z players.

Other people outside our goals often are focusing on:

  • Gaining market shares at any cost
  • Demonize their competition
  • Force clients into short lived upgrades
  • Using fear mongering to make more money
  • Slinging spare parts and not finding the real cause
  • Black box as much technology as they can


henryHow do we co-exist in a kind and collective manner as humans?
We use our skills and talents to complement each other as good as we can.
Send me your opinions and ideas to grow and improve this site please. Henry Mc Masters club admin e-mail

Any organization has fundamental duties to keep the workflow going to generate an income.
We all remember our childhood family duties. Plan well and doe it right the first place!
First trial 50%, second trial 70% success is a great start.
100% comes over time practicing more and more.
As R&D and true equipment explorer we club founders pass our knowledge on freely without the above bad habits.
We all draw together and pool. Organize content snippets and publish them on our web site.
Your goods and monetary contribution is honor based and welcomed.
  • If you need the complete article request it via e-mail: meucmembers@bbsinc98.com
  • We will post your invoice on Pay Pal.
  • Please pay it so we can e-mail your articles.
  • Site visits, Internet remote or phone assistance rates may apply.
  • All installation, repair and service work is done as-is without warranty except the OEM parts warranty..
  • In certain industries COD or pre-pay are required.
  • All article content at the web-site or e-mailed are "AS IS"
  • We do not pass any private information to any marketers.
  • BBS and all user club mentors welcome any equipment or project management e-mail questions.
  • Donate your not needed duplicate technical paper documentation or send us pdf scanned ones.
  • Future technician and engineer generation are thankful for your generosity.

2016 Updates:

  • Abolishing all broker commission fees for all active club members.
  • Enforcing that no proof of equipment ownership, status report and funding = NO SERVICE.
  • Promoting the no dumb question policy.
  • Extend the club library content
  • Technical fact based repair and project review service
  • Building additional web-sites as needed.
  • Explain complex process items in flow charts and diagrams.
  • Simplify schematics in case studies.  
  • Keep the club web site operational for a global user audience.


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