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BBS Inc was born in 1998 to host a politics free vendor and customer user forum

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Toshiba web press machine parts are supported by Komori since 2007

YEAR: JAN,1996

As machine life and circumstances change, itis up to you to check the library out.
"We had a pleasant time and enjoined to do biz with the outfit."
"The pricing was fair, the attitude was honest and straight forward."
"We are confident we will have the same results folling their examples.".

“We enjoyed the time spent and doing business with the friendly BBS. Inc. / MEUC people.
The pricing was fair; the attitude was supportive, honest and straightforward. John B. VA
We are confident we will have the same repair results using their extensive library.” Don S. WA

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Our motto is:

For the people, by the people, with the people.

We believe that:

Well running equipment makes money for all of us!
We complement each other with our skills and talents.

Club Mentor Phone Help Line VM, Texting: +1 (828) 335 5294

In the greatest country of the free enterprise world we put people first in hope they will pick themselves up with a little help from a friend (like us).

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