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BBS Inc was born in 1998 to host a politics free vendor and customer user forum

Check out our concept in the site content. Consider an active or passive club membership for 1 $ USD a day.

Some of our members love to fill in servicing your equipment when you a short on resources.

-Vacation or sick leave coverage.
-Refurbishing, removal and installation.
-Staff training, evaluation and motivation.

Other members enjoy project work:

-Purchase assistance.
-Installation cost estimates
-Vendor invoice reviews
-Task force building.

We could brag to have centuries of combined experience. We all honor one mentors quest to keep good records of our work.  


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MPP MAN Plamag Plauen Main Page

MPP MAN Plamag Plauen was ones the DDR Deutsche Democratic Republic (1946-1985) government showcase company. As Soviet Union pact member state the DDR however received from West Germany preferred trade tax tariffs.
From lace weaving machines in 1900, to printing presses, the workers were proud looking back to 200 plus years of excellent engineering work and craftsmanship. In 1990 MAN Roland Offenbach acquired MPP MAN Plamag Plauen. They build for the next twenty years various newspaper and commercial press products.

As in many company merged, different philosophies can collide. After the MAN Roland AG was bought by a equity investment firm in early 2000, the R&D and other budgets were year by year reduced. In 2011 the company filled bankruptcy. The sheetfed product line was sold to a British company. Augsburg turned into MAN Roland Web Services as part of another German investor group. The Plauen plant was closed.

MAN = Machine factory Augsburg Nuernberg
Plamag = Plauener Maschinenfabrik (machine factory)
MRA = MAN Roland Augsburg Germany
MRU = MAN Roland USA
MRSA = MAN Roland South America
MPP = Man Roland Plamag Plauen
MSO = MAN Roland Offenbach

Here we honor their outstanding and very supportive employees.

  • Reinhold G.
  • Uwe D.
  • Klaus P. S.
  • Uwe Z.
  • Dr. Ralph S.
  • Hans Peter S.

From the view of us field service people:

  • They submitted detailed service and user manuals
  • Computer based help files
  • Extensive spare part package
  • Visionary PLC computer science
  • Commercial and Newspaper hybrid presses
  • Inventors at work for phone and other book printing
  • We complement each other with our skills and talents.

Newspaper Division products:
Uniset, Mediaman, Regioman, Geoman

Commercial Press products:
Bookman, Euroman, Polyman, Cromoset

HenryWe are not an authorized MAN Plamag Plauen web parts dealer. The company dissolved in 2012. Some manufacturers encourage users to participate in their equipment service and maintenance work. Others want to sell their 24/7/365 remote access service. Both concepts have their purpose from our view.

If you want equipment transparency for operators and service staff our user club will help you. It is also a benefit for you to have a second opinion on any OEM work, billing and quotes.

Click here for OEM parts and manuals

“We enjoyed the time spent and doing business with the friendly BBS. Inc. / MEUC people." Dana D. MI
"The pricing was fair; the attitude was supportive, honest and straightforward." John B. VA
"We are confident we will have the same repair results using their extensive library.” Don S. WA

For more details and translation / help request e-mail us at:

Henry Mc Masters club admin e-mail

Club member help desk e-mail

Club Mentor Phone Help Line VM, Texting: +1 (828) 335 5294

We believe that:
Well running equipment makes money for all of us!
We complement each other with our skills and talents. As global citizen of the free enterprise world we put people first in hope they will pick themselves up with a little help from fellow techies (like us).

As Mozilla, Wikipedia and many other volunteer organizations, we trust you to contribute old parts / boards, money, technical documentation in printed or scanned format. Consider an active or passive club membership for 1 $ / 3 $ USD a day.

MAVO, Pecom, Octoman, Rotoman, Polyman, Lithoman, Geoman, Uniman, Mediaman, Regioman, Polyman, Uniset, Regioman, Cromoman and Colorman are MAN Roland AG, MAN Plamag Plauen trademarks.
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