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BBS Inc was born in 1998 to host a politics free vendor and customer user forum

We remote access machines since the first analog modem days in 1988.

Some of our members love to fill in servicing your equipment when you a short on resources.

-Vacation or sick leave coverage.
-Refurbishing, removal and installation.
-Staff training, evaluation and motivation.

Other members enjoy project work:

-Purchase assistance.
-Installation cost estimates
-Vendor invoice reviews
-Task force building.

We could brag to have centuries of combined experience. We all honor one mentors quest to keep good records of our work.

Check out our concept in the site content. Consider an active or passive club membership for 1 $ USD a day.
Donate your techn. documentation in pdf format.


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Send your defective boards please

Please send us your old boards the OEM does not want for core exchange.
Please supply a copy of the schematics or other related OEM documentation. Most of your late model copy machines can save files in .pdf format. Files up to 3 Mb you can e-mail with most e-mail provider accounts.
They are vital for our studies to secure further education and component parts allocation.

Ship them to:

EEUC Department
c/o BBS Inc
262 Mt Carmel Rd
Asheville NC 28806 USA
Help phone line VM, Texting: +1 (828) 398 8056
US Custom declaration: salvage parts, no commercial value

We grew up with many machine generations as installer, trainer, start-up and service staff. It will help to keep new generations informed and educated. To know the technology of the present and the past. How things were invented and advanced. Today we keep the single component wire soldered board technology alive.
In the last 14 years cost reduction led to Surface Mount Device components have sometimes shown early failure. Our special SMD solder stations can cure.
With good care the mechanical machine life can still exceed 15 years.
We are the experts to keep vintage technology alive.
We will replace and upgrade as needed with a strong eye on durability.

Our R&D engineer members share their knowledge to give us a valuable part in the machine life.
A user club online education (for a small contribution) puts you in charge.
We include needed annual hardware cleaning and tune-up instructions
and check on your progress.

In return of your contributions we share with you our united knowledge.

Thank you for your support.

Henry McM.
Henry Mc Masters
MEUC EEUC USer CLub Coordinator
Henry's e-mail

“We enjoyed the time spent and doing business with the friendly BBS. Inc. / MEUC people.
The pricing was fair; the attitude was supportive, honest and straightforward. John B. VA
We are confident we will have the same repair results using their extensive library.” Don S. WA

For more details and translation / help request e-mail us at:

Henry Mc Masters club admin e-mail

Club member help desk e-mail

We believe that:
Well running equipment makes money for all of us!
We complement each other with our skills and talents. As global citizen of the free enterprise world we put people first in hope they will pick themselves up with a little help from fellow techies (like us).

As Mozilla, Wikipedia and many other volunteer organizations, we believe in you to contribute old parts / boards, money, technical documentation in printed or scanned format.

Club Mentor Phone Help Line VM, Texting: +1 (828) 335 5294

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