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BBS Inc was born in 1998 to host a politics free vendor and customer user forum

We remote access machines since the first analog modem days in 1988.

Some of our members love to fill in servicing your equipment when you a short on resources.

-Vacation or sick leave coverage.
-Refurbishing, removal and installation.
-Staff training, evaluation and motivation.

Other members enjoy project work:

-Purchase assistance.
-Installation cost estimates
-Vendor invoice reviews
-Task force building.

We could brag to have centuries of combined experience. We all honor one mentors quest to keep good records of our work.

Check out our concept in the site content. Consider an active or passive club membership for 1 $ USD a day.
Donate your techn. documentation in pdf format.

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Business Referral Main Page

You need fuel to fly, to drive and heat your building. Referrals are the fuel to gain more clients, orders and connections.
Over a period of time people situations may change.
We all had a lot of good and some bad customer service experiences in our life.In the 2015 Internet world people get paid to give fake reviews.

The honest company twenty years ago, may have turned greedy in 2010 because the owner is on his third marriage and 25th girlfriend.

Pulling a financial and background check record cost time and money. History has shown that every six honest project deals is followed by a bad one with payment problems.

  • Let us return to fundamental, personal trust building tools.
  • Give honest referrals.
  • Based on project details not only general summaries
  • Dependable, pre-active, focused, multi-tasking, flexible, communicator, financially responsible counts.
  • If you receive refferals, do the same for others.
  • Many Internet reviews are staged.
  • Even Angie's List can not avoid it.

Unless the companies infrastructure has changed recently, we base ours on real vendor or contractor relations.

Airospace certified machine shop service
Web press and bindery equipment re-location and installation service
Safety and personal protection gear from an old fashion customer oriented company
When a shade tree mechanic messed it up, Steve P. will do it right, the first time!
Need a sunroom house addition or a new awning at your business?
Art & marketing is affortable! Ask Miss Angie. Click on the below link:


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