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BBS Inc was born in 1998 to host a politics free vendor and customer user forum

We remote access machines since the first analog modem days in 1988.

Some of our members love to fill in servicing your equipment when you a short on resources.

-Vacation or sick leave coverage.
-Refurbishing, removal and installation.
-Staff training, evaluation and motivation.

Other members enjoy project work:

-Purchase assistance.
-Installation cost estimates
-Vendor invoice reviews
-Task force building.

We could brag to have centuries of combined experience. We all honor one mentors quest to keep good records of our work.

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Welcome to a Unique People Community

Over the last 18 years our club members have created different project to test their skills and knowledge. Here are some of the accomplishments:

BBS Blue Birdy Service was born in 1998
OAS Office Assistance Service to small business owners administration needs
MMW Multi Media Works for document scanning and storage
EDS Equipment Decommissioning Service from radio stations to industrial controls
VER Vintage Industrial Equipment Repair everything analog tube or semiconductor driven
MEUC Mechanic Equipment User Club to unite the electro and mechanic world
EEUC Electronic Equipment User Club for PLC, HMI, server and network EDU
DGL Devotional Gardens Landscaping for fresh air away from the keyboard and bench

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We work with a wide range of people. It is a platform were you could strive and prosper with hands-on experience using your skills and talents and the expertise of our mentors.

Eventually you will leave us as a well-rounded sub-contractor and able professional ready to spread your wings and mentor others.
This web-site content as all software will grow and change over time.
Contribute and join.

HenryMcMastVintage electronics lasted for decades. Parts are still available! We can give you repair assistance beyond the OEM boundaries.

All our web site content is tested to run only on desktop and laptop Win XP, 7, 8 IE6, 7, 8 and Firefox web browsers. As a volunteer organization we are aware of some Google Crome OS book and tablet ishues. It is one the to-doe list.
Please allert us about other site content or functions please.

“We enjoyed the time spent and doing business with the friendly BBS. Inc. / MEUC people.
The pricing was fair; the attitude was supportive, honest and straightforward. John B. VA
We are confident we will have the same repair results using their extensive library.” Don S. WA

Our motto is:

For the people, by the people, with the people.

We believe that:

Well running equipment makes money for all of us!
We complement each other with our skills and talents.

In the greatest country of the free enterprise world we put people first in hope they will pick themselves up with a little help from a friend (like us).

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